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March 06
SPC 2008 : Best practices for SharePoint Solution Deployment

Well it seemed like today had the best sessions.. this session about the best practices was done by no other than the actual Ted Pattison (you should be really ashamed if you haven't read his blog btw!). I only knew Ted by his blog and by all the webcasts I saw so it was again a real treat to finally see one of these 'old' SharePoint gurus in real life (and action)! Ted demo' d his creation called "STSDEV" which is available on CodePlex here to show us how simply it gets when you are working on building solutions that includes custom application pages, control templates and stuff like that. I must say that I've never used any automated tools to help me with my solutions because of all the hassle you will go through with modifying all the batch files (and I'm never a big fan of including batch files in my solution) but this tool by Ted really make me think twice and I will give it a shot ;) So thanks Ted!

Overall this was really on the best sessions I saw this conference. I really thought that all the level 300/400 sessions were like this but unfortunately this is not the case.


Peter Seale

I think anytime you mention STSDEV you should also mention its competitor, WSPBuilder. While I've heard good things about STSDEV, I'm using WSPBuilder, today, and it does a perfect job!
Robin MeureNo presence information on 16/11/2008 07:41


Yeah I know ;) Although I don't use it myself, I know some ppl who use it as well and are very fond of it as you are. I just didn't knew that STSDEV existed (shame on me ;)) so that's why I brought it up.
Robin MeureNo presence information on 16/11/2008 07:41


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