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December 30
Don’t panic!

Today is my last working day as a technical SharePoint consultant for zevenseas.. What am I going to do? I will be joining Microsoft as a SharePoint PFE. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons.. Daniel summed it up rather well actually..

If you love SharePoint, love to travel, love the challenge of troubleshooting hard problems, love delivering specialised workshops AND want to work in a way cool, growing team… @ Want to be a Rapid Response Engineer

I was sold then.. but due to some weird circumstances things didn’t fall through and Daniel and I ended up working together at zevenseas (how weird is that eh?). Now after three awesome years, I’m still curious about that role and decided to go for it before it's too late (and by that, I mean having kids and scary stuff like that ;)

So there you have it..  wish me luck and see you in the new year!


We Wish you luck for new year and new opportunity!!!!!

Mate, it's been amazing time working together, our all the best wishes are with you for new year and new job.
Anyways, we will be in touch for sure!!!!

Suyog Patki
 on 30/12/2010 20:29

Wish you good luck for future.

Mate its always great to read whatever you write.
Some of your blogs on this site are on my favourite tab.

Wish you a great luck for future.

 on 31/12/2010 02:47

Best of luck!

Hey mate,

All the best for your future. I'm sure, you'll have an awesome 2011!

Warm Regards,
 on 01/01/2011 04:27


Hey Robin, I wish you all the best and enjoy every minute of it. By the way, kids are less scary then you might think as long as you have two separate laptops. One for the kids, one for the PFE. ;-)
 on 03/01/2011 12:17

Congrats Robin

Very exciting.  I hope MS treats you well.  It's a great education on multiple levels.

All the Best.

Joel - Your friend who took you all the way to LUX.
 on 03/01/2011 15:22


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